For an average home, it can cost quite a sum of money to maintain a garden. You will need to have all the right tools, plant seeds and add also add fertilizer to the soil. However if a house does have a back yard it is important to keep it clean regardless of how many plants there are. This is mainly because of health issues that can have an impact on neighboring households as well. Another reason to have a well groomed garden is the fact that it adds a certain level of charm to the place you live. Take a look at some easy ways to keep your garden pretty and easy to uphold.

Keep it lean

Generally it is the lawn that takes up most of the space in a garden. It only makes it harder to maintain because of the time and effort taken to mow the lawn. What if you could scale down the lawn to a lesser room, maybe even construct it into a distinct shape. This will not only reduce the maintenance but also add an element of vivid construction to your backyard. The extra space gained from removing the excess lawn can be replaced with pebbles, rocks or marble. This will enhance the look of your garden even further. 

Give it light

During the day the best lighting a garden can get is observably sunlight. So make sure not to have too many things in your garden that cover the natural light. This is crucial in some cases because the plants in your garden need an abundance of sunlight. As for the night time it would be convenient to make use of those lights that automatically get turned on when the sun sets. To take it a step ahead and make it even more convenient solar powered lights can be used. Saves you the strain of having to turn the lights on and off, also saves you electricity.


This solely depends on the tastes and preferences of the home owner. Some people like to go along with the old fashioned way and place ornaments and garden sculptures in certain places of the garden. This includes things like lanterns hanging from a tree or even a small bench. You can also see the use of garden gnomes in certain households, but this is now considered to be a tad tacky. If you are interested in spending only a couple more bucks, decorating your backyard with fairy lights is highly recommended. This is extremely contemporary (in style) and undeniably beautiful to look at during night time.