Grass is one of the essential wish for a citizen, they will always want some space where they can have lush green grass outside their home. Grass basically gives a positive and a really peaceful look to the home, when you enter your house you feel good because of the grass because it maintains the efficiency of oxygen outside your home. You can have a perfect walk after having dinner in your very own garden with grass, it will create a really good ambience and it will completely take away all the stress you are having. Moreover, when you come after having a hectic day at your office, you can sit around your garden and vanish the frustration of your whole day. It is not necessary that every place has the same grass, grass also have types which vary in lots of characteristics. Some of the grass types are as following: 

Sir Walter:

Sir Walter is Australia’s number one buffalo grass, this grass is special and well known because it can grown anywhere, whether you want to grow it in full sun or in shade. It will bear the extreme heat and also it can bear extreme cold. This type of grass can also grow in frost or drought.


It is the one and only high textured and soft leaf grass in the market, sapphire grass is also known because it can tolerate drought which means that it has a capability to grow on drought as well, while most of the types of grass fail to grow on drought.


Palmetto grass is commonly known because of its duration of staying green. This type of grass stays green for a very long time period while other grass does not have such capability. These grass will start drowsing when heavy frost lies over, but it remains green when the temperature is below freezing.


Matilda is the best kind of grass in the history, it stands out everyone whether it resistance of disease or tolerance. Matilda does not get easily affected by disease because it holds a very high resistance when it comes to diseases. No common disease can affect on Matilda.  

King’s Pride:

King’s pride is a soft leaf grass, it also has excellent shade tolerance but the problem is, kind’s pride does not have a good resistance when It comes to disease. It is easily affected by disease, according to the tests conducted; this type of grass is below average when it comes to disease resistance.

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